The Pilates Refinery

A Pilates & Health Clinic in Pagewood offering Injury Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain & Fatigue Management, Neuromuscular Exercise Therapy, Women's Health and Functional Movement.

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Exercise Physiology

Exercise and movement for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries.


An innovative and safe form of exercise that lengthens and stretches all major muscle groups and is suitable for all levels.

Pre/Post Natal

Pregnancy and post-natal Pilates is a safe and challenging way to prepare for birth and aid in quicker recovery post-birth.

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Founded by Katherine Smith, The Pilates Refinery aims to inspire our clients to be the best version of themselves by living a healthy active life.

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"Katherine and her team have been helping me stay fit and strong for years now. I worked closely with Katherine after the birth of my first child to get my body back into alignment and rebuild strength. Keeping up my classes throughout my recent pregnancy made such a difference to my pregnancy experience and postpartum recovery! I felt healthy and strong and was left with minimal ab separation.

I've never been one for big group classes and love that the team at The Pilates Refinery are all highly accredited so feel in safe hands. I've been training with Nico this year. He's extremely motivating and knowledgeable but also a lot of fun to chat to! Their classes are small and personal, each completely tailored to your individual needs and in a lovely and quiet studio. I honestly look forward to my weekly slice of 'me time'!"

— Susannah G

"I couldn't recommend Katherine and the team at The Pilates Refinery enough. I have lower back problems which can leave me in a lot of pain and unable to stand or walk properly. Katherine and the team have built up my strength and reduced my pain and got me moving in ways that I didn't think I would be able to do again.

Their words of support and encouragement when I have been feeling frustrated or upset by my injury have helped me maintain a positive mindset when dealing with a flare up."

Lisa B

"I had been seeing Katherine as my Pilates teacher and EP for 6 years. During covid I had to give it a break due to personal reasons. My body missed it so much but I really was unaware just how much. I recently found out I needed a knee replacement and decided I wanted to get some strength and muscle back into my legs before to help my recovery once I have the op. I went straight back to Katherine and her team at The Pilates Refinery. It’s only been a month but I can’t tell you the difference I’m feeling, the pain in my knee has lessened by about 50% I already feel fitter and stronger the muscle is returning from the expert advise that I’ve been given.

I’ve tried all the instructors and they are a dedicated, knowledgable team all with a similar but unique style . I highly recommend them for fitness or rehab or whatever your needs are.

Michelle F